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Author: Rick Cooper
To: Leonardo Boselli, exim-users
Subject: RE: [Exim] forced open relay
I have a similar situation. No local user can send mail without
authenticating, except from host We have a web mail
package installed on the mail servers (twiggi) and users must
authenticate with Apache before gaining access to the web mail
system and then, of course they must be a valid twiggi user and
are IMAP authenticated before being able to actually log in to
the web mail server. This allows roaming users to reach their
email from any client/place that they can reach the internet
from. Since it's IMAP based it also allows them to retrieve the
mail to their local folders once they have returned. I have a
custom script that creates all the twiggi information when the
e-mail user is created, and removes the twiggi information when
the user is deleted (we use 100% virtual users, there is only one
non system Unix user on each box.. me). It's a bit more work
initially but it keeps the mail servers relay free.


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> Subject: [Exim] forced open relay
> Problem: some people of our departmente sometimes conenct from
> autside.
> From a particular site there are however these costraints:
> 1. They cannot change the programs used there, so no
> authentication is
> possible; only plain SMTP (They can however choose
> the smtp server !)
> 2. The local mail server allows ONLY messages having
> as a _from_ field
> a local user, so they cannot send emai with their
> perlonal address
> 3. The ws there are natted, and IP addrres given is
> different even for
> different call from same machine, so a pop befor smtp
> is not feasible.
> 4. Only "favorable" situation is that the address
> given are only 20 ones,
> consecutive ....
> 5. Another favorable situatioin is that is
> acceptable to allow that each
> message be sent only to one address.
> I thought about setting something that
> IF ( (the host is in that 20 ones) AND (there is ONLY
> one RCPT) )
> THEN accept.
> An intersting option would be "accept and bounce a
> copy of the message
> to the alleged sender", so s/he can have a copy in the
> local mailbox
> Do you have any hint on how to do ?
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