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Author: David Woodhouse
To: Larry Rosenman
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [ Re: [Exim] OT - Why you should not put Exchange on the Internet.]
On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 11:39 -0600, Larry Rosenman wrote:
> It works when the headers of the email don't get broken.

The false negatives shouldn't happen if the headers aren't broken, this
is true -- and the false positives are relatively rare too. But still,
they're not as rare as errors when using the SMTP reverse-path. Given
the existence of a method with just about 100% reliability I'd rather
use that. YMMV. I thought you claimed to be annoyed by the error though?

Actually SRS (cf. SPF) may reduce the reliability if I subscribe through
forwarded addresses without adjusting the filters accordingly -- but
since I don't do that, and since SRS is pie-in-the-sky and is never
actually going to be seen in the wild in any reasonable proportion of
mail forwarding hosts, that isn't really a concern.