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Author: Patrick von der Hagen
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] exim amavisd-new
Simon Lange wrote:
> have read it, but i dont see where the solution is. sure it does the same
> as i did, but since i have a comon exim installation with standard retry
> times THIS shouldnt be a problem.
> so why i get this error. whats the source. dealing with the result is one
> thing but avoiding the source of the problem is the real solution im
> lookin for.

Well, it's probably quite easy
"2004-01-21 11:11:27 1AjFDv-0007gF-SO == webmaster@??? R=amavis
T=amavis defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host"

so the exim failed to deliver mail to amavis at least once and remembers that
until the retry-time is reached. Since you can set limits for amavisd-new like
"only 10 concurrent scannings", this is not really unlikely. If those limits are
reached, amavisd-new will give an temporary error.

Solution 1: change your retry-rules, so amavisd-new will be checked more frequently.
Solution 2: change the amavis limits, the problem will not go away but will
probably not show up so frequently.