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Autor: Phil Chambers
A: Matt Bernstein
CC: exim-users
Assumpte: Re: [Exim] X-RBL-Warning:
On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:50:47 +0100 (BST) Matt Bernstein <mb@???> wrote:

> At 10:45 +0100 Phil Chambers wrote:
> >The Exim3 spec says that rbl/warn results in X-RBL-Warning: headers being
> >added to the message. The Exim4 spec is silent on this issue. Can you
> >confirm that Exim4 also produces the same headers?
> >
> >A subsidiary question, for Exim4, is: If a "warn dnslist ..." statement
> >in an ACL adds an X-RBL-Warning: header, can routers doing a verify for a
> >subsequent verify statement in the same ACL see that header? If not, at
> >what stage can Exim check for them?
> warn message = X-RBL-Warning: Oh no!
> We do something very like that as some of our backup MXes run Exim 3 :)

As I read it, that message is not related to the message header. "message" in an
ACL determines the text associated with a 550 SMTP response on failure, does it not?

Phil Chambers (postmaster@???)
University of Exeter