Re: [Exim] Exim configuration for dial-up workstation

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Author: Leonardo Boselli
To: Gian Piero Ascenso
CC: Exim Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: [Exim] Exim configuration for dial-up workstation
On 23 Nov 2000, at 21:24, Gian Piero Ascenso wrote:
>    I'm a new user of Linux and Debian, and I've a question about
> the configuration of exim. (By the way, where should I look for it?)
> I run a 'potato' box with a dial-up connection to a local ISP and I use
> Netscape Messenger to handle mail.
> I'd rather base the following pattern on mutt 1.2.5:
>    1. dial the ISP to establish a connection
>    2. download new mail from the POP server
>    3. disconnect from the ISP
>    4. read mail, reply to some, write new messages
>    5. dial again the ISP to re-establish a connection
>    6. hand over my new messages to the SMTP server run by the ISP
>    7. disconnect
> To complicate things further, I'd like to keep the user name at my
> potato box different from the user name I use to log in to the ISP. If I try to
> add an user with the same string I use with the ISP I get an error msg.

Of course, since linux do not alloows . in usernames.
> Anyway, I've tried to send an e-mail to myself to check mutt, but I get
> this other error:

It llok very strange , as an error ... how con your machine say that
g.a@??? is not there ???
Can you send [even to me] the configuration file ?
> ------------------
> A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
> recipients. The following address(es) failed:
>   gianpiero.ascenso@???:
>     unknown local-part "gianpiero.ascenso" in domain ""
> ------------------
> I suspect the different user names are the problem. Is there a way to
> fix this whithout creating a new user called ``gianpiero.ascenso'' in my
> workstation?
> Probably some trick to rewrite the incoming address would circumvent
> this error,
> but what should I do and where? There's a lot of man pages to read, and
> I get lost
> with details I don't grasp perfectly, fancy fitting them together
> meaningfully!

It is quite easy to comply with that requirement, as first try try just
to set an alias ( /etc/aliases ) Giampiero.Ascenso : gas
if this fork, fine but you should have a broken configuration
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