RE: [Exim] SMTP message termination

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Author: John Hall
To: Philip Hazel
CC: exim-users
Subject: RE: [Exim] SMTP message termination
On 26 May 2000 10:14 Philip Hazel wrote:

> > It's every message. I read in the archives of null characters
> > causing problems, so I've tried it with Pine (v4.1) and manually via
> > telnet. Might it be the interaction of another program seeing a
> > period on a line on it's own and inserting another in the interests
> > of transparency?
> Totally weird. Exim does, of course, double-up lines starting with
> dots, but shouldn't do this on its own terminator! I don't suppose it
> will help, but if you send me the output from a delivery using -d9 to
> get debugging output, I'll take a look.
> exim -d9 user@domain <some message> .
> where that address is going to get delivered in this way.

I've investigated further and found that I've got a transport filter
installed - a simple perl script to rewrite my local address to my
proper e-mail address with my ISP. Removing the filter solves the
problem. However, I'm not sure why this should screw things up, because
just specifying my filter as "/bin/cat" still causes the extra dot to be