[Exim] not kidding: filtering and German laws :|

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Author: V. T. Mueller
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] not kidding: filtering and German laws :|

Sorry for bothering you with German laws, but at least for other German
readers this topic may be of interest (and you are encouraged to read the
last part of this mail :)

I was arguing with several people about message filtering. While fellow
sysadmins agreed regarding the usefulness of selective filtering, the
lawyers left no doubt that ANY change of a message's body is strictly
prohibited by German telecommunication law and will be punished with up to
2 years imprisonment.

Now there appears to be only one solution that could help M$ users without
exposing the sysadmin to the danger of getting jailed:

A mail triggering a virus filter can be delayed for a certain amount of
time. During this time a mail with a warning message can be generated and
sent to the recipient. Then, the original mail has to be delivered (or
relayed, depending of the config) without any modifications.

Did anyone create such a functionality before? Any hints on how this can
be done smoothly?

V. T. Mueller      UCC Freiburg, Germany      vtmue (at) uni-freiburg.de

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