Re: [Exim] Re: system filter problem 101

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Author: Jeffrey Goldberg
To: Jim Pazarena
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] Re: system filter problem 101
On May 5, 2000 Jim Pazarena <exim@???> wrote:

> >Quoth Jim Pazarena on Fri, May 05, 2000:
> >> exim -bF ../etc/filter
> >>
>  >> response:Fail text "SPAM!"
>  >>          Filter processing ended:
>  >>          Filtering did not set up a significant delivery.
>  >>          Normal delivery will occur.

> >Strangely, on Exim 3.13, I get the same results when running exim
> >-bF. But when I tried to do a real-life test, i.e., send a
> >message with friend@??? in the To: header, the message
> >bounced.

I believe that a variant of this "buglet" was discussed Thursday. It
appears that the system filter only actions, fail and freeze are not seen
as "significant deliveries" (which is correct really) so the -bF stuff
misreports that "Normal delivery will occur". This had me stumped for a

> Are there any compile time options which must be set to enable
> the system filter?

You do need to set

message_filter = /path/to/filter-file

in the main part of your configure file and HUP or restart exim.


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