RE: [Exim] Re: system filter problem 101

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Author: Pollywog
To: Jim Pazarena
CC: exim-users
Subject: RE: [Exim] Re: system filter problem 101
On 05-May-2000 23:49:40 Jim Pazarena wrote:

> Are there any compile time options which must be set to enable
> the system filter? My real life test lets this pass thru to
> delivery.
> And I'm stumped.

You need to enable the system filter in your /etc/exim.conf
This is what I have in mine:

message_filter = /var/mail/block/system-filter
message_filter_directory_transport = address_directory
message_filter_file_transport = address_file
message_filter_pipe_transport = address_pipe
message_filter_reply_transport = address_reply