Re: [pcre-dev] Crashes in pcre2_match_16 with binary data

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Author: hzmester
To:, Thomas Tempelmann
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Crashes in pcre2_match_16 with binary data
Hi,I think 10.42 has PCRE2_MATCH_INVALID_UTF. Have you tried it?Regards,Zoltan-------- Eredeti levél --------Feladó: Thomas Tempelmann via Pcre-dev <pcre-dev@???>Dátum: 2023 január 10 23:34:43Tárgy: [pcre-dev] Crashes in pcre2_match_16 with binary dataCímzett: pcre-dev@??? 2020 I had asked for help with searching for UTF-8 text in binary data (i.e. any files on a disk). I got some advice and all worked well. Now I expanded my code to also search for UTF-16 text in the same data. So I built the lib with both the 8 and 16 bit functions, and create separate pcre_code, match_data, context etc. using the _8 and _16 suffixes instead of the default macros. And it all works fine - It finds both UTF-8 and UTF-16 strings in files. However, I sometimes get crashes in the pcre2_match_16() function, whereas I never get them in the _8 function. And it happens both with JIT and without. I also use the same options for both versions, of course. With PCRE2 v10.42. I also ruled out a mix-up between the _8 and _16 structs by only using the _16 code, and I also don't use concurrent threads. The crashes are a bit random, i.e. certain files crash often but not always. But within 5 seconds of scanning random files on my disk, I get always a crash. Since I use a built lib, I cannot easily look at the source code where it crashes. I wonder if there are cmdline tools I can use for testing in order to rule out a mistake on my end. But it seems that pcre2grep does not support UTF-16 search, right? Or do I have to build the tool with special options first? -- Thomas Tempelmann, -- ## List details at