Re: [exim] Relayed Message: problems sending to list

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Relayed Message: problems sending to list
Cyborg via Exim-users <exim-users@???> (Di 12 Okt 2021 11:07:12 CEST):
> This is a forward from:
> Laura Williamson <laurawilliamson487@???>
>    Delivery incomplete

> There was a temporary problem while delivering your message to
> *exim-users@???*. Gmail will retry for 47 more hours. You'll be
> notified if the delivery fails permanently. The response was:
> *The MX host does not match any MX allowed by the STS policy. *
> I cannot write to the mailing list for the above reason, tried twice :-)

I'm working on it, it may be caused by the migration of the Exim main
site to another (physical and network) location.

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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