[exim] Exim 4.95-RC2 released

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-announce@exim.org, exim-users
Subject: [exim] Exim 4.95-RC2 released
Dear Exim users and maintainers,

thank you for the feedback we got since the recent release candidate.
Especially thanks to Wolfgang B (Uni Vienna) who reported the DKIM stuff around b367453a0.

We expect this RC being the last one before the final release.

Changes between RC1 and RC2:

    * 6b69b7102 - Fix small typo (26 minutes ago) <Neil Youngman>
    * 87f15ee44 - Logging: specific error for tainted tag in debug filename (4 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 8de97e5b7 - DKIM: Avoid spurious tls read timeout after signing failure (7 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 4c51d3e7c - Fix name of option in error log line (12 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 593107c7f - Docs: addition mention of lookup caching option (12 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * bb0b94392 - Docs: fix option crossref (12 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * b367453a0 - DKIM: fix verify under TLS & chunking, with pipelined next command (13 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 15a44d749 - Testsuite: testcases for DKIM under TLS (13 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 5078e5337 - Testsuite: testcase shuffling (13 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 7712454eb - Drop support for MacOS (darwin) (13 days ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * dd9ac646f - Drop support for MacOS (darwin) (2 weeks ago) <Heiko Schlittermann (HS12-RIPE)>
    * 9614a79a3 - Fix ClamAV command send (2 weeks ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 60a4ceafe - Testsuite: add missing mask / ipv6 expansion (2 weeks ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 730acb140 - Docs: add warning on use of envelope_to_add (2 weeks ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 86d51a7b1 - Builtin macros for ACL conditions & modifiers (3 weeks ago) <Jeremy Harris>
    * 0ac642d41 - Update comments in example config file to match current default for TLS (4 weeks ago) <Jeremy Harris>

The commit b367453a0 has been backported to 4.94.2+fixes, as the bug
actually exists there.

As usual we ask *you* to do as much testing as possible and provide us
feedback. This covers build issues with unusual libraries, runtime
issues in unusual environments and any other kind of things that should
be fixed.

The Exim 4.95-RC2 is available

- as tarball:        https://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/test
- directly from Git: https://git.exim.org
                     tag exim-4.95-RC2

The tarball checksums are signed using the same GPG key as I used to
sign this message (Key-ID: D0BFD6B9ECA5694A6F149DCEAF4CC676A6B6C142),
as the tag and tagged commit are.

For changes since the previous stable version, please see the RC0
announcement: https://lists.exim.org/lurker/message/20210715.212328.6bec444b.en.html

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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