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Author: Sebastian
To: 'Mailing List', 'Douba Samuel DIARRA'
Subject: Re: [exim] RELAY NOT PERMITED exim4
But its still good to use "auth_advertise_hosts" to restrict which hosts
that are permitted to authenticate in addition to this.
Else you will get bots that hack the password and then spam with your

In auth_advertise_hosts, you can use CIDR notation (like
to allow large amounts of hosts in case of dynamic IP or mobile terminals.

So authenticated SMTP should still be IP restricted since there is bots out
there guessing passwords (and hitting the right passwords sometimes and
gaining access)

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Ämne: Re: [exim] RELAY NOT PERMITED exim4

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 1:24 PM Douba Samuel DIARRA via Exim-users <
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> Hello
> I was using Exim 4, in office (differents sites) but I was using vsat
> system for interconnecting sites. I put private adresses to configure
> exim in differents sites.
> Since I published my servers on internet, I have this kind of error
> message and i cannot send mails. the message is : RELAY NOT PERMITED
> Need some advices please

Instead of relying on IP addresses for relaying (as should be listed in
relay_from_hosts) it is better to use ASMTP ad the condition for relaying.
So just set up authenticated SMTP and let users enable the same on their MuA
and you are good to go.

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