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Author: Avery Tarasov
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] pcre2_substitute / pcre2_match - C++ program feedback for regex match and regex replace
Hi Team,

Looking for some feedback on my C++ code for some functions I wrote to
match a regex and do a regex replace with PCRE2 10.35.. Any help greatly
appreciated.. trying to see if I have any memory leaks, bugs, potential
crashes in the code... can anything specifically be fixed or improved?

Code link:


Note: if you are an expert in PCRE2 library and/or Crypto++ (Windows)
looking to hire someone for remote tutoring can pay $250 for 3 hours
remote support on helping with programming stuff. Need to validate some
code I have works as well as possibly can.

Best Regards,

-Avery Tarasov