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Author: admin
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 2631] Option to restrict dnslists to specific networks and log a warning if they return IP addresses outside this range

--- Comment #1 from Jeremy Harris <jgh146exb@???> ---
It's possible to use "!&" which does take out 255.0/8.
Is there sufficient agreement among dnsbl operators to choose something as a
new default for filtering?

Spamhaus list as return ranges,, for
Sorbs list return codes in the range

Then there's the logging side of the issue. Maybe a new log_selector?

But Spamhaus also returns values in to indicate non-match
internal error cases. Should we care for logging, or leave the checking of
the returned value/s to the sysadmin?

RFC 6471 says:
- "most" ip-based dbsbls support queries for addrs in (often
to test operational status
- responses outside should be taken as indication of non-function
- name-based dnsbls RECOMMENDED to support queries for "test" for operational
status; and a query for "INVALID" getting a positive response should be taken
indication of non-function

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