Re: [exim] Getting Exim 4.94

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Author: Jakob Hirsch
To: Mike Brown, Exim User Maillist
Subject: Re: [exim] Getting Exim 4.94
On 2020-06-01 22:46, Mike Brown via Exim-users wrote:
> Anyone know where I can find a F27 RPM for exim?

Probably (and hopefully, to be frank) nowhere, because it has been out
of support since November 2018, i.e. no security updates, no
maintainance, nothing. The current version of Fedora is 32, which you
should really upgrade to ASAP, otherwise your system is vulnerable to
quite a lot of exploits (including some in Exim).
Fedora has no long time support, the usual lifetime of a single Fedora
version is about 13 months, there is a new Fedora version about every
six months. So if you don't want to upgrade your distribution version
regulary, Fedora is not right for you. For more information, see