Re: [pcre-dev] Win32 JIT Access Violation

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Author: Ralf Junker
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Win32 JIT Access Violation
Hello Zoltan,

thanks for following up! I began bisecting and it turned out that
standard configuration does not trigger the AV.

The following changes are needed to config.h, a plain copy of

#define SUPPORT_JIT 1

While JIT support is obvious, the next one may be not:


As I am on Windows, I configure PCRE2 to use CRLF as the default line
break sequence. With this change, the AV triggers immediately.

This is for SVN 1184. I continue bisecting now ...


On 19.11.2019 08:48, Zoltán Herczeg wrote:

> I suspect something is wrong with code generation. Maybe the total size
> of the buffer is incorrect. The four bytes after addr=:001DFFFE affects
> two pages, and I suspect something is wrong with the page starting from
> 001E0000 (not allocated or not writable).
> Anyway I suspect Philip wants to release PCRE2 as soon as possible, so
> if you don't mind we could track this down after the release.