[exim-announce] Release candidate 4.93 RC0 published.

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Release candidate 4.93 RC0 published.

we're happy to announce a series of release candidates for leading
towards the next Exim release.

Today we released 4.93 RC0.

Currently we didn't declare a feature freeze yet. If you have any
contribution you'd like to see as part of the next release, feel free to
contact us.

If things go well, we expect the final release around end of November

You're strongly encouraged to download, build and test the release
candidate. Please be sure to read and understand the ChangeLog document,
because even with an unchanged runtime configuration Exim might change
its behaviour.

ChangeLog: https://git.exim.org/exim.git/blob_plain/13032a329bb8133a2f56e8527c29f17c8fdfdbd0:/doc/doc-txt/ChangeLog

Note: Some runtime config defaults changed (regarding DANE, DNSSec,

Besides fixing bugs and improving stability and performance we added a
bunch of new features (like router variables, ehlo transport event, JSON
lookups, and more).

NewStuff: https://git.exim.org/exim.git/blob_plain/13032a329bb8133a2f56e8527c29f17c8fdfdbd0:/doc/doc-txt/NewStuff

You can find them in the following locations:

    - Git repository:  git://git.exim.org/exim.git

      taggged as exim-4.93-RC0 (https://git.exim.org/exim.git/tag/refs/tags/exim-4.93-RC0)

    - Tarballs and Docs: https://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/test/

The tagged commit, the tag and the tarballs are signed with my GPG key.

Thank *you* for trusting and using Exim, and thanks to Jeremy for doing
most of the work.

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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