[exim] No ratelimit for bounced messages

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Author: NetLink
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] No ratelimit for bounced messages

We have two email servers:

ONE is the normal client domain email server.

TWO is an email-marketing server.

Server TWO (email-marketing server) sends emails and receives back the
direct bounced messages.

The goal is to forward the bounced messages to server ONE to a normal user
accountl for further analysis by client.

We are using ratelimit by sender_address.

The problem is that bounced messages have no sender address, so the
ratelimit.list responds under the general limit, in our case 400

We tried to invalidade ratelimit for sending host in acl with hosts = ! (ip of sending host)

and create an entry of '': 5000 in ratelimit.list

No success.

Server One configuration:



                               hosts = ! //ip of email
server ONE

                               set acl_c_msg_limit =

                               ratelimit = $acl_c_msg_limit / 60m / per_rcpt
/ $sender_address

                               log_message = $sender_address - Limite de
$acl_c_msg_limit envios/hora atingido.

                               message = Limite de $acl_c_msg_limit
envios/hora atingido.


                #layout = email: limit

                email.1@domain1 <mailto:email.1@domain1> : 1000

                email.2@doamin1 <mailto:email.2@doamin1> : 1000

                email.1@domain2 <mailto:email.1@domain2> : 2000

                *: 400

The question is how can we overcome the limit of 400 emails/hour for bounced
messages comming from server TWO.