[exim-dev] proactive exploit mitigation patches

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Author: Ryan Castellucci
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] proactive exploit mitigation patches

I wanted to share some simple patches I've written for Exim that make
exploitation of string expansion more difficult.

The first one adds a config option to globally disable "${run {...}}":


This hooks up a global "forbid_run" option up to some existing
to disable the functionality. It is off by default.

The second one doesn't have a config option, but simply adds global
restrictions to the "${perl {...}}" expansion to disable "private by
convention" functions (those that start with "_"), and access to
non-exported functions of modules that are in use.


This may benefit from being put behind a config option since in a small
number of cases may break existing configs. Having it throw a warning if
not enabled would probably be appropriate, though.

I welcome any feedback on these proposed changes.