[exim-dev] Relate Message_ids

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Author: Ygor Fernandes
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] Relate Message_ids
Good Morning,

I would like to know if they could help me, I have an environment where my
client connects to a server that I call RELAY this authenticates the data
and then fire the message to the server that I call SEND.

The sending occurs perfectly well, however I realize that in RELAY after
sending a message it generates a new ID, this new ID that SEND follows
using to complete the process of sending the message.

My need would be to relate these IDs because I work with the database in my
environment. I can in SEND use the variable, $ message_id, and get the ID
that is currently running, however I need to relate to the ID that was
previously used in my RELAY.

Would you have any suggestions?