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Author: Mike Brudenell
Subject: Re: [exim] exim spfquery config
Hi, Emanuel -

On Tue, 12 Feb 2019 at 15:42, Emanuel Gonzalez via Exim-users <
exim-users@???> wrote:

> Hi, compile exim with support for spfquery, but not work.
> I read this documentation:

The above documentation says that the right hand side of Exim's "spf"
keyword can be "pass", "fail", "softfail" and so on.

spfquery --sender=soyspam@??? --ip=
> softfail
> domain owner discourages use of this host

The output above says that the result of the SPF test for your message is

> deny message = $sender_host_address is not allowed to send mail from
> $sender_address_domain
>      spf = fail


But here you are saying that if the SPF result is "fail" then deny the

Perhaps you should use "softfail" instead?
Or, if you want to deny messages that fail or softfail, use a list of
values as per the documentation? Eg,

spf = softfail:fail

However do please be cautious about denying messages that only softfail.
This result is often used by organisations who are still working on
transitioning to a strong SPF policy of fail, and are still working on
identifying sending sources. Generally a softfail should be interpreted as
"accept, but treat with extra caution" (eg, change the thresholds at which
you consider a message to be spam).

Mike B-)

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