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Old-Topics: [pcre-dev] [Bug 1830] New: pcre2posix defines the same names as POSIX
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 1830] pcre2posix defines the same names as POSIX

--- Comment #20 from Philip Hazel <ph10@???> ---
(In reply to Petr Pisar from comment #19)
> > Note that the PCRE2 patch declares the POSIX functions as real functions.
> No. The PCRE2 patch removes the POSIX function declarations and replaces
> them with macros. Though the definitions still exist.

I'm sorry. I should have made it clear that I am talking about the code in the
forthcoming 10.33. Its pcre2posix.h contains, for example,

PCRE2POSIX_EXP_DECL int pcre2_regcomp(regex_t *, const char *, int);
PCRE2POSIX_EXP_DECL int regcomp(regex_t *, const char *, int);

Thus, regcomp() is a function, not a macro, and the .c file contains this:

PCRE2POSIX_EXP_DEFN int PCRE2_CALL_CONVENTION                                
regcomp(regex_t *preg, const char *pattern, int cflags)                  
return pcre2_regcomp(preg, pattern, cflags);                              

Apologies for the confusion. I've noticed that earlier in this thread there's a
reference to loading the library from Python, and this is surely a case where a
function is required.

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