Re: [pcre-dev] Pcre2-10.32 return code -51?

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Author: ph10
To: BEYER Mark
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Pcre2-10.32 return code -51?
On Mon, 8 Oct 2018, BEYER Mark via Pcre-dev wrote:

> Demo2.c is my attempt to group demo.c into functions, however, I get a return code of -51 in the execute step:
> > demo2 '(abc|be)' 'abcdefg'
> pattern:(abc|be)
> compile:1
> subject:abcdefg
> execute rc:-51
> What am I doing wrong?

>From pcre2.h:

#define PCRE2_ERROR_NULL              (-51)

This means you have passed NULL to a function that doesn't expect it.
You have called pcre2_match() with either code, subject, or match_data
== NULL. (The value is also given by some of the auxiliary functions,
but I'm assuming in a simple demo you are not calling any of them.)

Note: you can get a textual error message by calling


Philip Hazel