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Author: admin
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 2281] New: DSN charset should allow non-ASCII

            Bug ID: 2281
           Summary: DSN charset should allow non-ASCII
           Product: Exim
           Version: N/A
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: medium
         Component: General execution
          Assignee: nigel@???
          Reporter: pdp@???
                CC: exim-dev@???

https://github.com/Exim/exim/pull/64 was filed to change the character set used
in generated responses unilaterally from US-ASCII to UTF-8. I'm going to close
that PR and link to this wishlist feature.

Just changing the charset as implemented there means that Exim would be making
positive assertions to other systems that the content does comply to UTF-8,
without validating that. On the one hand, that's what we're already doing, but
ASCII instead. On the gripping hand, just changing which charset we blindly
assert is not a solution.

Perhaps the charset should be configurable? Or DSN text sources might have
metadata asserting charsets (or have validation routines) and we could use
iconv if necessary, to make UTF-8.

A proper solution feels like it's going to be more heavyweight than I have time
to take on at present, so I'm filing this tracking issue.

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