[exim] file_transport unset in virtual_user router

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Author: Cyborg
To: <exim-users@exim.org>
Subject: [exim] file_transport unset in virtual_user router

if you ever encountered this message:

"Error in setting up pipe, file, or autoreply 
"file_transport unset in virtual_user router"

your configuration for a pop3/imap account lacks a "/" at the end.


directory_transport = "/var//mailaccounts/username/Maildir"

instead of

directory_transport = "/var//mailaccounts/username/Maildir/"

O== Why do i write this ?

if  $directory_transport is a file, it could be a filterfile. So far, so

if the "/" is missing at the end of a directory path, it's considered to
be a filter file,
and thats wrong.


Pls add a check for the $directory_transport variable, if the string is
indeed a file or a directory and
act accordingly as a directory can never be a mbox file, or a
filterfile, it will always be a mdir directory.

Thanks .

best regards,