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Author: Pete Schaefers
To: Exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] How to rewrite From: header of offsite forwards only to prevent Amazon SES 554 error
On 2018-03-23 21:28, Pete Schaefers wrote:
> ...would the below prevent the forwards from being sent
> through SES?
> send_via_ses:
> driver = manualroute
> domains = ! +local_domains
> senders = +local_domains
> transport = ses_smtp
> route_list = *;

Adding *senders = +local_domains* didn't work, and in the log it said:
*unknown named address list "+local_domains"
Then I discovered that sender = is expecting a full address, not just a
domain (made sense when I thought about it) so I added *@ to it, and it
works as anticipated!

domains = ! +local_domains
senders = *@+local_domains

I'm still curious if this code is likely to produce any other unexpected
results in logic as far as affecting mail routes the way I have desired.

Thoughts, anyone?

Thanks for the hints!