[pcre-dev] HELP! CMake expert needed

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Author: ph10
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] HELP! CMake expert needed
While testing for the 10.31-RC1 release (see my previous message) I ran
a build using CMake under Linux, just to be sure CMake still works. It
does, but I got a warning that the line in CMakeLists.txt that reads


is going to stop working at some point. This is related to two lines


which use a LOCATION property that is not going to be available in some
future release of CMake. I am very ignorant about CMake and can do only
minor maintenace of CMakeLists.txt. Upgrading to avoid this problem is
beyond me. (I googled but didn't find a simple recipe I could follow.)

Is there a CMake expert on this list? If so, I would be very grateful if
you could take a look at CMakeLists.txt and advise on how to update it
so that CMAKE_POLICY(SET CMP0026 OLD) is no longer needed. Then we
won't have a panic in the future when building with CMake stops working.


Philip Hazel