Re: [exim] Some mails are queued, other are sent immediately

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Author: Lena
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Some mails are queued, other are sent immediately
> From: Jeremy Harris

> Could you do that with debug enabled?

Using csh, I redirected debug output (-bd -q10m -d+all) to a file with >&
(both stdout and stderr to the same file,
some log lines might be broken and interspersed because of buffering).
The file (compressed with bzip2) can be downloaded from
That debug log is about several messages, only the last one was queued,
then a bounce/DSN. I deleted all files from /var/spool/exim/db
just before sending the queued message.

I see:

15:08:34 6101 already connected to [] (on fd 0)
15:08:34 6101 all IP addresses skipped or deferred at least one address

But I don't understand why.
Recipient callout verification was successful (OK reply to RCPT),
connection was held (use_sender,hold), why the message was queued?
During subsequent queue run, the message was rejected after end of data
(recipient email address inactive).