[pcre-dev] PCRE2 for z/OS 10.30 plus REXX API

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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
To: Pcre Exim
Subject: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 for z/OS 10.30 plus REXX API
Announcing PCRE2 for z/OS 10.30 with REXX API
I've just sent to the CBT (file 939) a new interim release of PCRE2 for z/OS 10.30 .  It is the same as the latest PCRE for z/OS 10.30, but with the addition of 1. comprehensive and workable REXX API, contributed by John Gateley2. Support (almost behind the scene) for multi versions of EBCDIC.  3. This support is available to all PCRE2 users, and is also incorporated into the Rexx API
Please see the documents:release_notes.txtEBCDIC_Horror.txtREXXAPI.txt
in the distribution file
The pcre2doc.txt was not changes but is due to major revision by the next release
Ze'ev Atlas