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Author: ph10
To: Ralf Junker
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Tests 24 and 25 miss to set convert_glob_escape and fail on Windows
On Sat, 24 Jun 2017, Ralf Junker wrote:

> PCRE2 tests 24 and 25 do not explicitly set the glob escape character
> so right now test 24 fails on Windows. Test 25 passes because it does
> not use the escape syntax.
> With the following line in testinput24 adjusted, it generates the expected results:
> # Set the glob separator explicitly so that different OS defaults are not a
> # problem. Then test various errors.
> #pattern convert=glob,convert_glob_escape=\,convert_glob_separator=/
>                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> The same change should probably be applied to testinput25 in case escape syntax is used in the future.

Thanks for picking this up, Ralf. I have applied the patches.


Philip Hazel