Re: [exim] Regexp match on a header

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Author: Chris Siebenmann
To: exim-users
CC: cks
Subject: Re: [exim] Regexp match on a header
> And this was the result:
> temporarily rejected after DATA: failed to expand ACL string \
> "${if match {$bh_received:}{\N[[](\d+[.]\d+[.]\d+[.]\d+)[]]} $1 {}}": missing
> } at end of string
> The braces are balanced, so why is a closing one "missing"?

The braces are matched but the \N at the start of the regular expression
is not. The missing ending \N means that everything (including the
closing braces) is taken as part of the regular expression, so you
effectively have:

    "${if match {$bh_received:}{\N<opaque regex>"

and the string just ends on the parser without it seeing the necessary
closing }'s.

    - cks