[exim] DKIM checking and header expansions

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Author: Ian Zimmerman
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] DKIM checking and header expansions
The spec quoth (11.5):

For incoming SMTP messages, no header lines are visible in ACLs that
are obeyed before the DATA ACL, because the header structure is not set
up until the message is received. Header lines that are added in a RCPT
ACL (for example) are saved until the message’s incoming header lines
are available, at which point they are added. When a DATA ACL is
running, however, header lines added by earlier ACLs are visible.

But acl_smtp_dkim runs before acl_smtp_data, and clearly it has to be
able to split the data into separate headers, because DKIM signatures
apply to specific subsets of headers. So is it really true that the
$bh_ (etc.) expansions are not available in acl_smtp_dkim? Or is this a
case of somewhat stale documentation?

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