Re: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 on Coverity Scan

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Author: Zoltán Herczeg
To: Giuseppe D'Angelo
CC: pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 on Coverity Scan
>Forgot to reply to this part -- would you prefer to keep using the
>existing "pcre" project, and upload PCRE2 builds there (given PCRE1 is
>reaching EOL anyhow), or keep using "pcre" for PCRE1 and request a new
>project for PCRE2?

Personally I wouldn't mind transferring the ownership of the project, so if you wish to be the owner, I can give the it to you. And you can decide how you prefer to manage the account.

I started another account recovery, lets see what happens.