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Author: admin
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 1840] Exim does not log a Message-ID it generates to fix up a missing one

--- Comment #2 from Mike Brudenell <mike.brudenell@???> ---
(In reply to Wolfgang Breyha from comment #1)
> If host MTA1 handles $exim_message_id "1b8Eun-0002eh-3g" in submission mode
> without Message-ID: header, it generates
> Message-ID: E1b8Eun-0002eh-3g@MTA1
> The log will show:
> <date/time> MTA1 exim[$PID]: 1b8Eun-0002eh-3g ......
> logging an additional
> id=E1b8Eun-0002eh-3g@MTA1
> seems redundant to me.
> As an exim admin I know what to search for if someone asks for
> E1b8Eun-0002eh-3g@MTA1

I disagree with Wolfgang. I have been an Exim admin for many, many years and
did not know this. We should not assume a sysadmin who uses Exim is familiar
with its internals for generating a Message-ID.

We would not be logging an *additional* "id E1b8Eun-0002eh-3g@MTA1" because
that is not currently being recorded in the log files. Instead we would be
logging the Message-Id of the message, as against the internal Exim id from
which it is derived and assuming sysadmin knowledge on how and when to convert.

This places an unnecessary burden on sysadmins for no good reason.

Omitting the Message-ID from the incoming "<=" log line means that scripts and
searches looking for/extracting data from these are not able to obtain a
Message-Id generated by one's own Exim, leading to an incomplete set of
matches/data being retrieved.

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