[pcre-dev] Change of exim.org server machines

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: exim-announce, pcre-dev@exim.org
CC: fanf@dotat.at
Subject: [pcre-dev] Change of exim.org server machines
I have transferred the various services that run on the exim.org system across to a new platform, since the old system was getting somewhat old.

The transition went smoothly, however there may be wrinkles that I have missed, especially as the new system is a rather different architecture than its predecessor.  If so please let me know.

The services that have been transferred across and are working include:-
    - exim mail transport
    - mailing lists - subscription, moving mail etc
    - mail archives
    - git repository (ssh access will see a different host key)
    - git web view
    - svn for PCRE
    - bugzilla - a complete new version, running under SSL

There is one current issue - the git commit to mailing list emails are not currently in place.  I will fix this over the weekend.


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