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Author: Zoltán Herczeg
To: pcre exim, Jean-Christophe Deschamps
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 is released

I wanted to say something similar. Now PCRE cannot be built without UCP if UTF is enabled, but using it is a different question. You can modify the behavior of \w etc. in the same was as in PCRE1.


"Giuseppe D'Angelo" <dangelog@???> írta:
>On 5 January 2015 at 17:57, Jean-Christophe Deschamps
><jch.deschamps@???> wrote:
>> While this seems reasonnable at the first look, linking of these options has
>> one unfortunate drawback: it dramatically changes the semantics of \w, \W,
>> \b etc. and previously working patterns over UTF strings could produce
>> different results.
>What do you mean? \w changes matching from ASCII to the Unicode
>property if you compile the pattern with PCRE2_UCP (*). Those are
>configure-time options to build PCRE2 itself with or without
>Unicode/UCP support.
>(*) and if you're afraid of a (*UCP) inside a pattern, then there's
>PCRE2_NEVER_UCP to always disable UCP.
>Giuseppe D'Angelo
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