[exim-dev] Seeking experimental build farm participants

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Author: Todd Lyons
To: exim-dev
Subject: [exim-dev] Seeking experimental build farm participants
Hello all,

One of the things that I've been doing on the side is adapting the
excellent PostgreSQL Build Farm to use with Exim. There are many
different types of build farm out there, but I chose Posgres because
it includes both a client side and a server side portion.

The server portion is currently running on my server, and Jeremy and I
are the only two clients. Once I iron out all the details both on the
server side and the clients, I would propose making this an official
Exim project. But I think it's a ways away from that currently. The
current incarnation is at:


I would like a couple of volunteers to contribute some spare cpu
cycles and a negligible amount of disk space (~ 50 MB). There is an
install procedure at
https://github.com/mrballcb/exim-build-farm-client/wiki/Installation .
Please let me know if there are any unclear items in this step by
step, or if there are any embellishments that need to be made. I
specifically avoided specifying required package names because I want
be Distro agnostic.

If you would like to volunteer, submit the application referenced in
the installation link above, and then send an email to me with the
desired machine name alias you want for your BuildFarm host. I'll
send you back an approval email with the info needed to make your
BuildFarm host submissions be accepted.

Caution: This is still experimental and subject to change. If you run
the client with the provided shell script, the client will auto-update
itself, so that part is easy. The backend is pretty much done, but it
is still being refined and may have periodic issues.

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