Re: [exim] Exim 4.82 RC5 uploaded

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Author: Todd Lyons
To: Exim Dev, Exim Users
Subject: Re: [exim] Exim 4.82 RC5 uploaded
> I have uploaded Exim 4.82 RC5 to:
> Due to a mistake tagging the wrong commit, the previous RC release did
> not have all of the fixes mentioned in the release email.
> Repeating:
> RC5 contains really only two fixes. The first is fixing a GnuTLS compile
> error on systems that have it built without PKCS11 support. The second
> is modifications to the runtest script in the test suite to allow it to
> be run with zero keyboard interaction.
> Pending any unforseeable issues, this version is intended to be the last
> version before the official release of 4.82.

I haven't heard of any further build issues with RC5. If I don't hear
anything show-stopper by the end of the weekend, especially with
respect to the GnuTLS issues, I'll release on Monday morning.