[exim-announce] Exim 4.80 Release

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Author: Phil Pennock
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim 4.80 Release
Exim release 4.80 is now available from the primary ftp site:
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-4.80.tar.gz
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-4.80.tar.bz2

This release contains backwards incompatible changes. PLEASE read the
README.UPDATING file before upgrading. These changes affect OpenSSL,
GnuTLS and LDAP.

OpenSSL default options have changed to be more secure, including
disabling of SSLv2 by default (and adding support for TLSv1.1 and
TLSv1.2 if using OpenSSL 1.0.1 or newer); GnuTLS has been updated to use
a new API and stop honouring some options starting gnutls_*; users of
LDAP can now distinguish "comma in data" from "multi-valued attribute".
There are more details, covering more changes, in README.UPDATING.

We now enable accept_8bitmime by default, as the Exim maintainers agree
with Dan Bernstein about the best way to deal with the 8BITMIME

Building Exim should now be easier, with pkg-config support. We now
support use of the TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) extension, both as
client and as server, so Exim can present different TLS identities to
different clients on the same port. We have new authentication drivers,
for gsasl and heimdal_gssapi. The ${eval...} expansion operator now
supports 64-bit arithmetic (on 64-bit platforms). Exim can now be
started with support for inetd "wait-mode", which should be a precursor
to socket activation support for your OS's init system.

The primary ftp server is in Cambridge, England. There is a list of
mirrors in:
* http://www.exim.org/mirmon/ftp_mirrors.html

The master ftp server is ftp.exim.org.

The distribution files are signed with Phil Pennock's PGP key 0x3903637F
(uid pdp@???; signed by Nigel Metheringham's PGP key DDC03262).
This key should be available from all modern PGP keyservers. Please use
your own discretion in assessing what trust paths you might have to this
uid; the "Release verification" section of the Release Policy might be
of assistance:
* http://wiki.exim.org/EximReleasePolicy

The detached ASCII signature files are in the same directory as the
tarbundles. The SHA1 and SHA256 hashes for the distribution files are at
the end of this email. This shall likely be the last release
announcement to include SHA1 hashes.

The distribution contains an ASCII copy of the 4.80 manual and
other documents. Other formats of the documentation are also
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-html-4.80.tar.gz
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-pdf-4.80.tar.gz
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/exim4/exim-postscript-4.80.tar.gz

The .bz2 versions of these tarbundles are also available.

The ChangeLog for this, and several previous releases, is included
in the distribution. Individual change log files are also available
on the ftp site, the current one being:-
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/ChangeLog-4.80
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/ChangeLog-4.80.gz

Brief documentation for new features is available in the NewStuff
file in the distribution. Individual NewStuff files are also
available on the ftp site, the current one being:-
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/NewStuff-4.80
* ftp://ftp.exim.org/pub/exim/ChangeLogs/NewStuff-4.80.gz


Release Checksums

787b6defd37fa75311737bcfc42e9e2b2cc62c5d027eed35bb7d800b2d9a0984 exim-4.80.tar.bz2
dba89de1e59e6d7b61aa03fcb6ce8946bce00bc966362b64c3758a6c557b921d exim-4.80.tar.gz
4d33239e787d4a509bdbf0bdb74a9da7c9ea2df8a953fe6dc5dd139b92301d7e exim-html-4.80.tar.bz2
9a5070e94df5b15c515028a779afee20114257dd127062345348f10f18cd0795 exim-html-4.80.tar.gz
3db123b18a504f9c72ccb815aff99be0dcbeb7b7c8e6bab74e80bbe3c96d1f64 exim-pdf-4.80.tar.bz2
dfd82b695522431fabd1636e6fbc5b9ea0402c9a1ea63d9a1d00f79ba51c3059 exim-pdf-4.80.tar.gz
711dd85219bd66a63a1343904127f028506349b45da3a0cd65df722a9988b114 exim-postscript-4.80.tar.bz2
43bf9c87968871dfc288171e89c0d61771a72bf575ea38c7e9dc2650644bf227 exim-postscript-4.80.tar.gz

ba9b78b9dfab48f45409ab7c1c94ad085347899d exim-4.80.tar.bz2
4ae4a8c66fad75a92c88b7ea1e4a46ef30a22995 exim-4.80.tar.gz
2e485cf4404d41909a3b79477702a765bcc50cb3 exim-html-4.80.tar.bz2
4674613c4e8d571e72583e5e820925637e3001b2 exim-html-4.80.tar.gz
51834b8d5a1d38453b411f07c5b70502f6afdc57 exim-pdf-4.80.tar.bz2
f202e471c515b0d0c8f3e1f6c31ae8b014ebed0c exim-pdf-4.80.tar.gz
0f3686bd3194a32e7bc5bb3c3142fc0416636e3d exim-postscript-4.80.tar.bz2
d89062f0dbb791f7aa1e0b03bb890cfc207195a8 exim-postscript-4.80.tar.gz

- -Phil Pennock, pp The Exim Maintainers.