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Autor: Dennis Davis
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Assumpte: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.80 RC1 uploaded
On Mon, 21 May 2012, Phil Pennock wrote:

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> To: Dennis Davis <D.H.Davis@???>
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> Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 11:51:24
> Subject: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Exim 4.80 RC1 uploaded
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> On 2012-05-21 at 11:31 +0100, Dennis Davis wrote:
> > > > > typedef struct __res_state *res_state;
> > OpenBSD needs the above change applied to OS/os.h-OpenBSD:
> Done, thanks.

Forgot to mention that this builds fine on Solaris5.10, i386
platform. I've got RC4 built against openssl-1.0.1c and in
production use on a server. This handles little email, so it's
hardly going to be a stress test.

> Any idea if they're moving towards the NetBSD resolver changes?

Not sure what these changes are.

> It's the sort of safety change I'd expect
> OpenBSD to make but I don't see the changes in
> <>.

They seem to be moving towards ditching BIND and replacing it with

and ldns:

Looks to be in the post-OpenBSD5.1 source tree but not yet fully
integrated. See the discussion stating at:
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