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Author: Phil Pennock
To: exim-dev
Old-Topics: [exim-dev] [Bug 1217] New: New lookup
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 1217] New lookup
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--- Comment #4 from Phil Pennock <pdp@???> 2012-05-17 11:21:24 ---
I mostly want to make sure that we can speak text-based memcache protocol,
because of the number of systems using it now. Redis was the main other thing
I wanted.

DB-wise, I guess we need to support DB5.x, even though the compatibility is
getting iffy. I want to see if the hints DBs can be easily adjusted to use
non-DB. If it can use any of the existing lookup APIs, that would be good, but
I know that Philip Hazel was very careful about the processing overhead on the
current DB paths, so I might need to figure out a load-test framework first
(and I don't know when I'll have time). If we can do that, then I will
probably add another hints DB, of the TLS session cache, so that clients
talking to a pool of servers are likely to be able to use session resumption.

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