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Autor: Jeremy Harris
A: exim-dev
Assumpte: [exim-dev] Test case 2112
I'm confused by testcase 2112. The script comment:

# TLS client: verify certificate from server - fails

vs. the required log:

1999-03-02 09:44:33 Start queue run: pid=pppp -qf
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmaX-0005vi-00 SSL verify error: depth=0 error=self signed certificate cert=/C=UK/L=Cambridge/O=University of Cambridge/OU=Computing Service/CN=Philip Hazel
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmaX-0005vi-00 TLS error on connection to ip4.ip4.ip4.ip4 [ip4.ip4.ip4.ip4] (SSL_connect): error: <<detail omitted>>
1999-03-02 09:44:33 10HmaX-0005vi-00 => userx@??? R=client T=send_to_server H= [] X=TLSv1:AES256-SHA:256 CV=yes DN="/C=UK/L=Cambridge/O=University of Cambridge/OU=Computing Service/CN=Philip Hazel"

... which spits an error "SSL verify error", but logs the delivery with "CV=yes".

Why is this correct?
(I only saw this because in testing cutthrough/dual-tls I get CV=no)