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Autor: Phil Pennock
A: exim-dev
Assumpte: Re: [exim-dev] Doc building: SDOP version
On 2012-05-05 at 09:32 +0100, Philip Hazel wrote:
> On Fri, 4 May 2012, Phil Pennock wrote:
> > I'm about to fix "table_warn_soft_overflow" being unrecognised by SDoP,
> > by removing it and possibly putting in a replacement, if I find one.
> table_warn_overflow=always|never|overprint

I'd gone with table_warn_overflow=overprint which seemed the closest
philosophical match, given what I infer of the meanings from the names.

Woot. :)

So, docs are now building without warnings at all, and with a warning
mode re-enabled, so we're closer to clean builds.

Unfortunately, the benefits of the compiler warning modes for
printf/scanf style arguments are sufficiently great that we just have to
accept that where Exim's string_printf uses characters differently to
modern standards, we get spurious warnings there. It would be nice to
have compiler #pragma directives to tune which expandos are interpreted
in those warnigns.