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Author: Lena
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] "remove" message from queue
> From: Lars Nielsen <lars@???>

> I am trying to handle my mail-server as proffesional as possible. I
> have some filters to aviod spam but I can see that some mails in my
> queue are spam.

In the queue means that those mails were generated by your users
or injected using passwords stolen from your users - right?
Then why didn't you investigate which user is responsible
and disable that user?

> Are there some good and recent guides on how to aviod spam?

Boot spamming users. Else you are an accomplice in spamming.
Make a clause in your contract with users: if a user spams
or the user's password is leaked and used by a spammer
then the user has to pay you a fine.
How to catch spamming users automatically: