Re: [exim] Recipient checking wrong server name?

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Author: Ted Cooper
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Recipient checking wrong server name?
On 30/04/12 19:03, Iain Houston wrote:
> We are getting a percentage of "Not configured to relay" rejections
> when we send out our newsletters. I rent a Cloud Server from 1&1
> where I run and a couple of others. Most
> recipients' MTAs produce no such rejections ... is it an issue with
> our exim's setup or their MTA's setup?

You've redacted everything that would be useful to anyone attempting to
actually diagnose your problem with any sort of certainty. As such, here
are some random guesses.

Your server is either being blocked by the target servers in question,
or they do not accept mail for the recipients even though the MX records
say they should. The domains may have expired or the users may have
moved on. The single error message provided seems to come from the
remote end.

SPF is IP based so it just needs to have something resolving to all the
IP addresses you want to send mail from if you're using it. Including
the different hostnames all pointing the same IP address serves to add

All of the email addresses must have accepted the confirmation opt-in
email at some point right? You'd have records of when they confirmed.