Re: [exim] AUTH FAIL not fatal error?

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Author: Frank Elsner
To: John Jetmore
CC: exim-users, Todd Lyons
Subject: Re: [exim] AUTH FAIL not fatal error?
On Tue, 24 Apr 2012 15:42:44 -0400 John Jetmore wrote:

[ ... ]

> If the response to authentication is a permanent error (5xx code),
> Exim carries on searching the list
> of authenticators and tries another one if possible. If all
> authentication attempts give permanent
> errors, or if there are no attempts because no mechanisms match (or
> option expansions force
> failure), what happens depends on whether the host matches
> hosts_require_auth or hosts_try_

The host is in hosts_require_auth.

> auth. In the first case, a temporary error is generated, and delivery
> is deferred. The error can be
> detected in the retry rules, and thereby turned into a permanent error
> if you wish. In the second
> case, Exim tries to deliver the message unauthenticated.

Now I understand. Thanks to both.

--Frank Elsner