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Author: Ralf Junker
To: pcre-dev
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Strange \w+ behavior with custom word characters (pcre_chartables.c)
On 20.04.2012 19:31, Philip Hazel wrote:

> This was a similar problem to your previous one: a bug in the auto-
> possessifying code. It was checking the tables only for characters less
> than 127, when it should have been less than 255. I have committed the
> fix (SVN 962) and added some test cases (luckily pcretest already
> contains a set of ISO 8859 tables that could be used for these tests).

Glad to read that testing this with pcretest turned out easy. I hope to
remember the /T1 switch should a similar problem arise again.

My tests also pass well with SVN 962.

Many thanks again for your work!