[exim] presorting(filtering) email before using imap

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Author: Mark Elkins
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] presorting(filtering) email before using imap
I'm looking for some netwisdom....

I run Exim, delivery is maildir format. I then use Courier IMAP.
My preferred mail reader is evolution - from three or four different
This way, I can see the same e-mail on a static workstation (the main
mail server for me) or on any one of three laptops I run around with,
(then there is the occasional access via the i-Pad or smart-phone).

Evolution on my main mail server has gone mad, no longer starts up and
gives a "Timeout was reached, Trace/breakpoint trap"

All my 'filter' rules were in evolution (filter as in this mail should
go to that folder inside imap/evolution).

Is there a way to pre-filter emails according to subject/sender (etc) so
that imap serves pre-filtered e-mail to my mail reading devices?

What do people use - that actually works for themselves.
(Looking for working suggestions/examples!)

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