Re: [exim] Sporadic "relaying not permitted" errors

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Author: Ted Cooper
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Sporadic "relaying not permitted" errors
On 26/03/12 12:48, Christian Balzer wrote:
> If LDAP were the culprit I'd expect a different (user not found) error so
> I'm rather stumped and puzzled at this time.
> Is there any scenario anybody can think of how a relaying not permitted
> error can occur given the data above?

If the local domains check is in LDAP as well, exim will not know the
the domain is meant to local and may give that error. This is of course
speculation without being able to read through the configuration and see
what conditions would end up here. I alas do not have time to do so at

Each exim process/connection starts with an empty slate and reads the
configuration as its first task. If any part of that configuration is
subject to intermittent, yet non-fatal failure, you will get strange issues.